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บู๊ชทองเหลืองน้ำมัน ( Sintered Bronze Bushing / Oil Impregnated )




Typical Uses

Aerospace - Materials for Aircraft and Space Vehicles

Automotive - Gears, Cams, Sprockets, Bushings, Sleaves

Other Industrial - Machinery Components, Self-lubricating Pump Parts,
Turbine Blades, Office Machines, Home Applances, Medical Equment

Aguricultural - Farm, Lawn and Garden Equipment



- Tight tolerance allow for reduced shaft clearances and better press fits.

- Long lasting self lubrication provides an oil film for smooth start-ups.

- Elimination of oil groove and oil hole.

- Can be re-oiled when dry. (submerse in SAE 30 motor oil for 72 hours
at room temperaeture to replenish.)


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